A Family Dinner


The day is coming to a close, everyone has been busy, productive, and going in all different directions since breakfast.  The sun is starting to set and is casting beautiful shadows through the windows and into the home…… it is almost dinner time.  Dinner is one of my favorite times of the day.  It is one of those things that really makes a house feel like a home.

I love using the dinner table as an opportunity to make something that is very ordinary into something special.  It is amazing what a simple tablecloth, a vase of garden flowers, a few candles, and nice dishes can do.

This special evening meal used to be something that was so iconic in our nation, but has slowly been lost to the hustle and bustle of modern America.  It is such a delight to create an atmosphere around the table that is just perfect for family relationships and memory making.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table” 

Ronald Reagan 


3 thoughts on “A Family Dinner

  1. Beautiful photos, and I love your sentiments all wrapped up with an a apropos quote from Ronald Reagan. Keep up the good work, Hannah. You have much to share!

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